Thursday, February 3, 2011

The strength of Mother Nature!

Never under estimate the strength of Mother Nature.

A gap in the door, a strong northern wind, snow falling 1-3 inches an hour,
and the enclosure of a heavy duty shed to capture the sculpture.
Look what can be created!

Piles of potential filled the inside of many areas.

But only a few got the wonder of Mother Nature.

It's quite amazing no matter how you look at it.

The rest of the storm was pretty standard issue for us Kansas transplants. We have endured many snow storms with strong winds, low temps and mounting accumulation.
But not in KANSAS!

It will be remembered as the 3rd largest in Kansas history, but for us it was just like many other storms that we had in our 13 years in Minnesota. There were big numbers to the snow fall. 19" and up depending who did the measuring and the place the measured at. The coldest temps ever in Kansas history -8 and lower were recorded. And 4, YES, FOUR snowdays in a row off from work and school. And 3 days of the University being closed~

During the storm which was Tuesday Feb. 1st, it snowed for the entire day. Starting early in the morning and continuing until evening..

The drifts around the front of the porch are tall.

The porch was cleared a number of times.

The garage was blocked by a huge drift as well.

And the back of the house is, well, snow covered too.

The inside of the screened in porch is a bit, well snowy!

The kids made it out to sled at J and D's with cousins, spending the night there.
Then a turn for them all to come here.
It was fun to have time together, to clean, cook and do homework.
I'm thinkful for help from my kids, over the past few days.
But, I miss my husband a bunch, he's in Springfield for the past two weeks.
It's felt the strangest to me to not share the storm with him, as all the others we have.
Tomorrow he comes home and it's suppose to snow again.
More SNOWDAYS to come???
Who really will know???
It seems someone else is in control!~
All in all we survived!~
Thanks to God!
Mother Nature for the surprise~

Thursday, November 18, 2010


I wonder where the time goes....
Ann has grown so much the past few months. She's really enjoyed Volleyball and Football Cheer and is ready for Basketball cheer starting soon.
I found this great vanity over at a garage Sale this summer and she painted it zebra stripe and we put fabric on the seat.. It has a black mirror she uses it in her room to do her hair and get dressed, each day. It's really awesome~

Of course there was fall football and some outdoor fun.... a couple camps for the kids.

and he's taller then me now~~!~

Brian had a good time on the 4-wheeler and in the mud.

We went to a Chief's game on Halloween as a surprise for Brian and Ann's Birthday's, (which are in December and we never do anything for them) so this was our first big NFL game and it was an awesome one. We beat the Bills in overtime and it was also Military Appreciation day~

And now we will travel for Thanksgiving to see family and Casey will come with his girlfriend Jessie and we can't wait to spend time with all there. And then December, Derek will return rom AFG. and we will be soooo glad to have this past year, marking the 3rd in a row of deployment OVER~ and to start again fresh with 2011... Check back again for the update!!